Gaden Shartse Phukhang 2015 Austin Tour events
for December

           The Monks have returned
          for a short weekend visit.

   events scheduled ~ December 11 - 13.
                      (Suggested donation - $20 each event)

                                              The monks will also have a concession gift table
                              featuring items from Tibet, Nepal and India at all events.

December 11 (Friday) ~ 7:30pm - Chay Drol Ceremony, Clear Springs Studio - 605 Copeland
                                        The Chay Drol Ceremony's purpose is aimed at removing the obstacles
                                        which prevents one from achieving enlightenment and known as a 'cutting         
                                         ceremony.' Participants are bound with multi-colored yarn representing
                                         the 5 aggregates of the human being. Through the ceremony,
                                         our negative imprints are then fused through ritual into the yarn and
                                         by severation and transformed into inexhaustable bliss.
                                         Protection is then given to the participants by the Lama.

 (* Special note )
                                         Please do not park on Copeland Street.
                                         There is ample parking available just beyond the studio with an exit onto S 1st.

December 12 (Saturday) ~ 2pm - Vajravidarin: A group healing ritual, Natures Treasures - 4103 N IH-35
                                            Vajravidarin is a ritual of purification and has three stages: purification and 
                                            removing of negativities; removing subtle negative imprints; and offering
                                            protection. The Lama instructs participants through visualizations pouring
                                            radiant nectar and rays of light into their mind and body, then takes the
                                            negative subtle imprints and transforms them into Inexhaustible Bliss.
                                           Finally, he disperses the collected  negative forces and offers protection.


                                             ~ 5:30
pm - Empowerment #1 - Manjushri (Wisdom) - event hosted and held at
                                            "The Plant" (30 mins south of Austin near Kyle) - Click here for address
                                             or email:

                                             Wisdom is crucial for enlightenment and this Empowerment accelerates the     
                                             attainment of the knowledge that eliminates suffering.
                                             Prior to the Empowerment, The Plant is gracious enough to offer light snacks
                                             to the participants. If you have any questions, please email the above address.

December 13 (Sunday) ~ 5:30 - 7:30pm - Empowerment #2 -
                                          Four Armed Chenrezig (Buddha of Compassion)
                                          If you wish to attend or want more information, please click
                                          or email:
                                          Pot Luck following. Please bring a food contribution/offering.
                                          The purpose of the empowerment is to establish a close relationship with
                                          Chenrezig and to benefit from his power of compassion.
                                          In this era of violence and mental instability, it helps one to become more   
                                          peaceful and compassionate, even with the state of current events.

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